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Monday, January 23, 2017

I travel a lot, and I have found a lot of bookstores that intrigue me very much. However, sometimes the bookstores I find are not chains, and it is hard to find them again. I live in a very small town, so I often find myself Googling bookstores near me that are in bigger cities. Here are five of my favorite bookstores (brick and mortar and online). 


I absolutely hate spending $20 on one book. It seems like such a waste to me when I could buy three or four books at the thrift store for $20. I also hate going to the store (which I’m sure you can probably understand). 

If I look for a book at Barnes & Noble, and it’s over $15.99, I simply log onto http://www.thriftbooks.com, and look for the book there. Thriftbooks has a huge selection of books for extremely cheap. You can buy the condition of the book from New all the way down to Good Condition. The newer the book, the more expensive it is, but the prices do not usually go over $11. You also get free shipping on orders over $10, the best part!

Visit here.

Half Price Books

Once again, I hate spending $20 for a book. I remember the first time I found one of these chains, and I absolutely fell in love. 

Half Price Books is a chain of books spread across the United States. They have every book you could possibly imagine. I have found new releases for as cheap as $9.99! 

I also love the feel of Half Price Books. All of the chains are arranged and decorated the same. When you walk in, there is usually a check out desk. Then there are giant, wooden shelves that reach to the ceiling, and they are filled to the brim with books. The sections in Half Price Books (Young Adult, Religion, Adult, Fiction, etc.) are kind of like cubby holes (one of the main reasons I love this bookstore so much).

Visit here.


I recently went on vacation in the Southern part of the U.S. I was searching for bookstores, because, ya know, I obviously wanted to buy books while on vacation. I hardly found any, but I did come across a new bookstore I have never heard of called Books-A-Million. 

Books-A-Million is kind of like a Barnes & Noble, but it is a tad cheaper. When I went in, there were two rows of YA books for 20% off. I got %20 off Holding Up the Universe, and it was signed by the author, Jennifer Niven! 

Books-A-Million also carries Pop! figurines, nerdy t-shirts, notebooks, etc. They also have a rewards card where you can get up to %20 off your entire purchase. Also, if you buy the books online, everything is 50% off. When I went into Books-A-Million, I was looking to buy All the Light We Cannot See, but it was $27.99. I then went onto their website to find that the book was only $14.99 with free shipping.

Visit here.


This isn’t really a bookstore, but I am infatuated with Amazon. I bought the entire Throne of Glass series on there (one by one), and I only paid $7 each. 

If you have Amazon Prime, then you can receive free two-day shipping. I will sometimes order a book on a Monday and receive it by Wednesday. I love it!

Visit here.


The Strand

The Strand is both an online and brick and mortar bookstore. It is sort of like Thriftbooks, except they are very picky about what they sell (books are in very good condition, almost brand new). 

I love this bookstore, because it’s organized and cheap. There is nothing I love more than organization and being cheap. Most YA books on their website are $9.00, but the price can go all the way down to $5.00. 

The Strand has categories of books, such as Children’s, Kids, Collectibles, Top Picks, etc. There are so many great books to choose from. 

They have chains located across New York. I do not know if they ship to Canada and other countries, but they do ship around the United States.  

Visit here.

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