January Book Haul

Monday, January 30, 2017


 This last weekend I was busy as all get out. I left the comfort of my home to go into the freezing cold at least five times. So, while I was out, I decided that I would make my uncomfortability worth-while, and I would visit some book stores. I visited a $1 Book Swap, Target, Barnes & Noble, and the Dollar Store (if you don’t know, the Dollar Store sells some great books). 


     I recently held a giveaway on my Instagram account in honor of reaching 300 follows. I went to Target to pick out a prize for the winner. I have only been to the Target book section once when I visited Texas, and I was impressed, but not B&N impressed.
     I went to Target in my home state this time, and boy, I could’ve spent hours in there. They had every new and popular YA book I could imagine. And all of them were 20% off. How does it get any better?
     I bought two books for me and one for the giveaway. I just couldn’t help it. There were so many books in there I had been looking for but were too expensive at the bigger book stores, like Books-A-Million.
     So, I bought two copies of Passenger by Alex Bracken (one for me, one for the giveaway), and one copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (for me). I love paperback books way more than I love hardcover, mostly because of the cost difference. I paid $7.05 each for the two copies of Passenger, and then I only paid $9 for the copy of A Court of Thorns and Roses. All I can say is that I left that Target a happy girl. 

$1 Book Swap

     I travelled an hour and a half away just to see this bookstore. Books? For a dollar? That’s heaven to us, right? Right.
     From the outside, this place looked kind of creepy and gross, but when I walked in, it was amazing. They had homemade shelves that reached from the floor all the way to the ceiling (and keep in mind that the building was a warehouse, so that’s really tall).
     When I walked in, there were boxes piled on top of boxes that reached to the ceiling. The boxes were all jam-packed with books of all genres. I wasn’t allowed to get in the boxes, because they were books that had not yet been put out to sell. But I totally would’ve dived into one of the boxes if I was allowed.
     I bought a copy of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (another classic book I can add to my TBR list). I also bought a copy of Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith, just because he wrote Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. And the last book I bought was Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. I am a HUGE King fan.
     I only paid $1 for each book, obviously. So my total only came to $3, which I think is amazing, because, as I have mentioned before, there is nothing I love more than saving money. 

Barnes & Noble

     I know you’re probably just so surprised, but I bought two books at Barnes & Noble, and they were from the bargain shelf. I was actually really excited about this trip to the bookstore. I usually am excited to go into a B&N, but I don’t ever really plan on buying anything, since it’s so expensive.
     I was out of town visiting family, and I had time to kill. The town I was in holds a small college campus. On the campus is a small Barnes & Noble. I mean, it was extremely small. I could stand in the middle of the store and see all four walls.
     I first went and looked at the YA books, because I love those. But those prices killed me, so I had to go to a cheaper option. I then went into the front of the store, and I found a bargain shelf. Yay me.
Of course there were gross books on there, like how to eat healthy and how to get your children to behave, but I did hit the jackpot when I came across a brand new hardcover copy of The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen. It was originally $23.99, but it was on the bargain shelf for $5.98. On top of that, the bargain price was 50% off, and I got the book for a grand total of $2.99! It makes me all happy just thinking about it.
     I also got another book on the bargain shelf called The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer. I have never heard of this book, but the description looked very intriguing. I got home and looked on Goodreads, and it has a rating of four stars, which is fairly good. 

The Dolla Store 

     Last, but definitely not least, is the Dollar (dolla) store. I was just casually shopping for cleaning supplies, and there they were. A whole aisle of books.
     They obviously didn’t have a lot of popular books, because it’s the Dollar Store. But I did get two copies of books that looking fairly interesting.
     One of the books is Mobile Library by David Whitehouse. I’ve never heard of it, but it looks good.
     I also bought a copy of Burial Rites by Hanna Kent. It’s a dark book about murders and all that stuff. 

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Thank you so much for checking out my Monday Blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading about my book adventures. I’ll see you on Thursday!



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