Book-to-Movie Adaptations that Need to Happen

Thursday, February 2, 2017

When we read an amazingly good book, we want a movie adaption. But sometimes when Hollywood makes a movie based on a book, it does not have a lot of resemblance to the actual book (*cough* The 5th Wave, Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The Scorch Trials *cough*). And it can be extremely frustrating to watch your favorite book be turned into something that it's not.
But there are some books, if produced and directed under the right person, which would turn out amazing. For example, The Book Thief was an amazing movie directed by Brian Percival. And In the Heart of the Sea was an amazing, amazing movie directed by Ron Howard. It just takes the right director to direct the correct version of the movie.
So, even though book-to-movie adaptations can be scary for us bookworms, it is also exciting. Here are a few of the book-to-movie adaptations that would get me to the move theater.

Salt to the Sea
by Ruta Sepetys

     Okay, so I think I have mentioned how much I love this book in earlier blog posts. But I just can't emphasize how much I love this book.
     I bought Salt to the Sea in late 2016. I had heard such good things about it, and it had won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Young Adult Fiction. 
     I am a huge WWII junkie. It is my favorite thing to study in history, and whenever I can find a YA book about WWII, you bet I buy that book real quick. There is just something that intrigues me about WWII. Maybe because it was the worst war in the history of wars, and it's just unbelievable that something so horrific could actually happen in this world.
     Now, I'm not really big on directors and actors. I don't know a lot of actor's names, and I definitely don't know a lot of the directors' names. I could possibly recommend people to play in the movie (if it ever came to be), but I would need to know the actor's name instead of googling "That one cute guy who played in The 5th Wave movie." 

Althea and Oliver
by Christina Moracho

     I could totally see this being a big hit in the theater. I love the quote on the front of the book, "Althea can't stop falling in love. Oliver can't stop falling asleep." This quote made me think that there was a girl pining after a guy who wouldn't give her the time of day, but he literally can't stop falling asleep, because he has a disease. I laughed at myself when I found out.
      I am not a John Green TFIOS fan, but I could see the director of The Fault in Our Stars direct this movie. Definitely not the guy who directed Paper Towns, because, just between us, I really didn't like that movie at all. But the book was awesome.

by Jerry Spinelli

     This is another movie I could see being a big hit in the cinema. I love reading about friendships, and this is about a very strange friendship. It slightly reminds me of Althea and Oliver, except rated PG.

Everything I Never Told You

by Celeste Ng

     Now, this book, this could be the #1 Movie of the Year if it wanted. I first read this book to get out of my year long reading slump, and all I can is that it was a perfect book to remind me how much I love to read. 
     If this book were turned into a movie adaption, I could see a whole bunch of popular actresses playing the part of Lydia. I would re-watch this movie 100 times if it were filmed. Just thinking about it makes me happy. 

Among the Hidden

by Margaret Peterson Haddix

     Not many people have heard about this amazing series, but I love it. I could see this being a tv show and not so much a movie. There are seven books in all in the series, and I think that would be a bit long for a movie series. (But what do I know since they made Harry Potter into films?)
     If you've never read this series, I highly recommend it. It's extremely unique in the plotting process, and the writing is magnificent. If you read it, then you'll see why it would make such a good tv show. 

That's all for today. Thank you so much for checking out my Thursday Blog post. If you have any recommended book-to-movie adaptations, comment them down below. I'll see you on Monday!


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